Home Sweet Home

After five weeks in the US we are finally home. (Home. Is this really home? My stuff is in the closet and my place of employment is here so maybe..?)

We flew from DC to Detroit to Japan to Manila. It was a loooog day and I wasn’t thrilled that Delta left one of our suitcases in Detroit but Coco traveled pretty well as usual. We sat on the runway for over an hour in Detriot. They said it was due to being overweight and had to remove some items. I guess all those new outfits and shoes stuffed into our luggage meant it was one of the suitcases that had to be removed. Ha!

When we arrived in Manila two people complimented me on how well-behaved Coco was.  That made me feel good. It was surely due in part to me allowing her to eat all the cookies and candy and bread she wanted. Gotta pick your battles. 🙂

We got back to our apartment after midnight. Our taxi driver was the only female airport taxi driver in Manila. I figured that had to be some sort of good luck. I got her number and said I would use her as much as possible and give her info to my female colleagues. I know I feel more comfortable riding with her and I want to support her since she said she is a single mom. On the way home I texted our yaya to let her know we were arriving. (I didn’t want to startle her we got home late that night.) Would you believe that sweet yaya came down to the lobby to help us with our luggage and then insisted on preparing us a meal at 1 o’clock in the morning?! As sad as I was to leave friends and family I must admit it was nice to have someone there fixing us dinner and bathing Coco while I unpacked. Yes, the benefits of living in Asia.

I go back to work in a week so between now and then I promise to write up all of our summer vacation fun! Stay tuned. And don’t forget to reset your follower button so you can find us here on the new blog!

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8 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. K says:

    I was wondering what the secret was for having a well-behaved child on a 20+ hour flight. I will have to remember that when I take K to Jamaica in January. Again, it was great seeing you in the States!

    • Joy says:

      great seeing you guys, too! jamaica? sounds fun! btw, can i post your photos when i write about my party? no names or identifying info of course.

  2. Jessi says:

    Glad you had a warm welcome! When do you go back to school? I hope you have a few days to relax before then. Love you guys!

  3. Jessi says:

    ps I love the pic of you two on the banner at the top. too cute!

  4. Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard says:

    HeY!!!!Please write e-maail PRONTO PRESTO!!! I love this blog, love it! I think I’ve read it all! pretend i’ve sent an enthusiastic WONDERFUL!!! for each day please!!!!! and please write a quick e-mail please!!!!! love love love fum mum. Miss you, miss tweetie coco…..

  5. Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard says:

    I can’t get back to send you an email!!!!!!!!mum

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