Summer Vacation Part 1 – Los Angeles

The first stop on our summer vacation was Los Angeles. We flew from Manila to Tokyo to Los Angeles which wasn’t bad at all.When we arrived, the first things I noticed were the American accents everywhere (so uncommon in Manila) and how tall everyone was! When we left the airport the next things I noticed were how amazing it was that everyone was staying in their lanes on the roads and the gorgeous landscaping.

We stayed at my sister and brother-in-law’s house and as it turned out my parents and other sister were there as well. We ate tons of great food (my sister loves to cook and entertain) and I knew her love of desserts was going to be the beginning of my downward spiral. It was. LOL. C’mon, was I really supposed to resist red velvet cupcakes, salted caramel bars and strawberry pretzel salad?!

Coco loooved their dog and I know Luna enjoyed having a steady playmate. They were inseparable! They became the best of pals. I swear if their weren’t quarantine laws..


We got our hair cut. Well, I got color and a cut. Coco got her first trim. (While she waited for me she picked a lemon off a tree. So LA. Love it.) I know of several people who got their kids’ heads shaved in Ethiopia and I considered it because it was very uneven and thin. In the end my love of her curls won out and I left it alone. It is interesting to note though that those who had their kids’ heads shaved all have extremely long and thick hair now.


I surprised my old colleagues at their job. Man, I miss that place. Best job ever!!!        

I stopped by Goodwill and bought two pairs of pants for less than $10 (cause I’m cheap like that), got some coffee at Magic Johnson’s Starbucks (so I could appreciate some brothahs) and marveled at the beauty of the marina over lunch (before I threw it all up in the bathroom from food poisoning!)

It was a great visit! Next stop? DC, baby!

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4 Responses to Summer Vacation Part 1 – Los Angeles

  1. Laurie says:

    Yay! You’re back!!

  2. My sister in law is ethiopian and also just announced she is pregnant! Derek is ready for the argument about the head shaving thing. He says if the baby is a girl he’d be against shaving it!

    • Joy says:

      wow!! that is GREAT news!!! i’m not saying shaving is a bad thing.. i think it’s actually something he should consider! just sayin’

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