Animal Kingdom

Day 2: Animal Kingdom. I loved this place! It was like a zoo, safari, trip to Africa and a trip to Asia rolled into one. They spare no details when it comes to design and a look of authenticity. Just walking around the place was fun! Here are some shots from around the park:      

The safari was amazing. Going on a real one in the Serengeti is on my bucket list but I feel like that intense desire is quelled after this one for at least a little while. It was amazing!

After the safari we explored other areas of the park. There were animals to be seen everywhere. Coco was in her element. She loved seeing them all. Luckily she had a good mode of transportation! If you’ve never been to Disney, take note: you will see ten-year-olds in strollers! I get it now. We learned the hard way. Thanks, Tom!! 🙂


The humidity was a killer. It got so bad I had to stop and buy a new shirt that was 100% cotton! We stopped for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. It was so lovely and cool in there (from the air conditioning, yes, but also because it storms inside the restaurant every few minutes!) We contemplated staying there all afternoon but there was still so much more to see. It’s impossible to see everything in one day but we sure did give it the ol’ college try!

   These prayer flags were hung for endangered animals.

Someone was very disappointed she didn’t make the height requirement for this ride. 😦

A popsicle made it all better.  🙂  Let’s be clear on something though. I wanted a huge bowl of ice cream that I saw others carrying around! Unfortunately Coco is lactose intolerant so while Jessi and Tom snuck off for their delicious dairy treats I showed solidarity and got a popsicle along with Coco. It wasn’t good at all so I saved a few calories while she lucked out and ended up with two! 🙂 For the huge animal lover that Coco is I knew she would love Animal Kingdom. I was right! It was such a great day.

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4 Responses to Animal Kingdom

  1. I love Animal Kingdom, it is my second favorite Orlando theme park. You are a brave soul for venturing here in the Summer. I am glad you enjoyed yourself.

    • Joy says:

      what’s your favorite one? yeah, it’s HOT there in the summer. I thought i’d be able to handle it coming from the tropics. guess not! LOL

  2. zoya7 says:

    Wow, looks amazing! You really had a great time!

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