And Back to Magic Kingdom

Our Disney pass allowed for us to go to three different parks but not different parks in the same day so we had to choose which one to go to on our last day: Epcot, Hollywood Studios or back to one of the ones we had already been to. Since Coco hadn’t seen any princesses yet she decided that returning to Magic Kingdom was the way to go. In the end I was so glad we did. It was a magical ending to our Florida trip.

We got there later in the day than the other days because I spent my morning combing though bank statements searching for evidence of adoption-related expenses for the IRS. I really need (and deserve) that credit since I spent even more than the refund allows. Once I got that sorted we headed out to the park. We were supposed to meet up with Jessi and Tom (who had Hopper Passes and were checking out other parks that day) but they never made it back to Magic Kingdom so it was just Coco and me for the whole day. We had so much fun we ended up shutting the place down!!

Mixing it up, we took the boat to the park instead of the tram.                     (yes, we have on the same shirts from the other day-I washed them!!)

Our first stop? Princesses! We waited over an hour to see Princess Tiana so we nixed meeting any others after her but I’m glad we at least got the picture. It almost didn’t happen..  We waited in line forever, in the heat, without enough water. When we were all the way at the front, next in line, Coco turns to me and says, “I don’t to meet her anymore.”
Um, excuse me? “Sure you do, Pumpkin. It will be fun. And I’ll go with you.”
“No, I don’t want to.”
Oh, yes you do!!
No amount of sweet coercing worked so I bribed her.
“Just smile and let me take one photo and then we can get ice cream.”
People in front of us were wrapping up and there was just one family behind us. It was crunch time if we were going to get our photo.
“Ok, well Mommy’s going to get ice cream all by herself then.” (I know, terrible!)
“Well. then go stand by Tiana and smile for the camera for Mommy dammit!!!!”

No, not my best parenting moment but here is our keepsake. 🙂 There were rides and snacks and walking and more rides and more snacks and more walking and, of course, the requisite It’s a Small World experience. Concerned I’d have the song stuck in my head for the next six months, I braved it and took Coco on. She loved it! And I haven’t thought of the song since.. well until now. 😦 LOL


After another long, hot day I thought we should get settled in at dusk to relax and reserve our seats to see the parade and fireworks. This time, though, I wanted to see them with the castle as the backdrop. At the time I just thought that it would be fun. I had no idea what a treat we were in for! The whole thing was spectacular!


As soon as night fell, they turned down all the surrounding lights and the show began.Again, we loved the parade but it was the light show and the fireworks display that left me speechless, staring with my mouth gaping open in utter amazement. They were absolutely incredible. Stunning. As my friend said to me today, ‘you never get too old for fireworks, now do you?’ and she is so right. I adore them and Disney did not disappoint. The castle played it center stage with a whole kaleidoscope of constantly changing colors: reds, blues, oranges, pinks, greens – it was lovely and then the fireworks started, spraying out from both sides, sparkling against the night sky. Simply and utterly magical.


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2 Responses to And Back to Magic Kingdom

  1. De says:

    I remember having to ban that song for a period of time because they would sing it all day and at the top of their lungs. LOL! I’m all better now. ~Smile, Twitch, Smile~

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