Sea World

The next day of our vacation we went to Sea World. Highlights: meeting Elmo, feeding the dolphins and the shows. We saw the Shamu show which although kind of sad thinking about the whales being in captivity in too small of a space, I was impressed at how they responded to their trainers. Coco didn’t like the show cause we sat in the “splash zone” and we got COMPLETELY SOAKED with freezing cold water. We also went to this amazing show where they had a bunch of different rescued animals (mostly dogs but also cats, birds, pigs, mice, and a skunk!) doing amazing tricks! Now for the downsides: it was blazing hot and the intermittent rains we had been experiencing all week decided to seize. It was at least 95° and humid and Sea World has virtually no shade! Waiting in lines was especially brutal. The other downside? You can’t bring your own food. What’s that about? You pay like $100 dollars to get in and then you have to eat their expensive, unhealthy food? I mean I love ice cream and pizza but that’s not cool (especially since I had packed sandwiches and fruit and had to toss it). And then there’s the animals-in-captivity thing again. It rubs me the wrong way. Clearly I’m no activist (I eat meat and I rode an elephant in Thailand for goodness sakes– albeit uncomfortable then, too) but I do think if they are making millions off these animals they could at least expand the size of their water tanks. Just sayin’… Or maybe I just need to do my part and not frequent these types of places…?

Anyways, on to the pics. Oh and by the way, I ended up renting a stroller here since Jessi and Tom weren’t with us and it made all the difference. Highly recommend! I was able to race through the park while she relaxed in the stroller with the water spray/fan I got her. (Coco took this right before an older woman tripped over her and gave me the evil eye)

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2 Responses to Sea World

  1. Great pictures! I love SeaWorld. I can understand your conflicting emotions, however, there is no one in the world who does as much rescue and rehabilitation and research as SeaWorld. Visit for more info.
    Additionally, these places offer education and appreciation of these creatures to millions of people who otherwise would have no way of experiencing these animals.
    I am sorry that they had you toss out your food. Of all the Orlando theme parks I do feel SeaWorld has the most unhealthiest food options, except for the Hospitality House in the back of the park.

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