And We’re Back

Summer vacation was a whirlwind, right?! I know. Next year we will not be doing all that traveling! I’m thinking if we are in the States we will spend a month on the Vineyard or something. We will definitely be staying put and relaxing!

After three plane rides, a delay and late arriving luggage we are finally back home and settling back into our expat life. I am shocked to find myself saying this but it’s good to be home. For someone who suffered from severe culture shock this is such a surprise. Yeah there’s rain. A LOT OF RAIN! Ok, it’s a typhoon really but that doesn’t even bring me down. We have our great yaya, the new place is coming together and the perks of living here are available once again. We are still unpacking (from the move) and getting organized but it’s nice to not be living out a suitcase anymore. The pictures are scheduled to be hung on Wednesday and our landlord just delivered us a brand new 32″ flatscreen for our unit. I kid you not. We’re happy.


Coco eats lunch at school this year. I am trying to help the yaya with lunch ideas so I wrote down a quick list of foods she could include. I almost broke down and bought this amazing $60 lunchbox I saw but then I came to my senses. I do have a plastic container though that has three separate compartments so I told her to choose one from each category.

I also bought some cool Bento accessories to make her lunches fun: hard boiled egg and rice molds, food grade markers to add facial features, mini silacone cups to add things like some raisins or a treat. I also bought a Bento book. I’ll do a post of some of her lunches in the future. I am annoyed that she is only staying 45 minutes longer this year and I have to pack her lunch for that. If they are going to require that we send a lunch then at least keep them a few hours to make the hassle worthwhile! I mean seriously. So to combat my annoyance about the whole thing I decided preparing Bentos was the way to go.

And I’ve been practicing cornrowing. Here’s the result from the first try. I swear I made nice clean parts but somehow they don’t look like it. The nicest part (aside from Coco loving it) was that it makes daily trips to the pool so much easier on me and the yaya!

It’s Sunday. We are going to enjoy our day alone together. It’s the yaya’s day off. If it’s sunny we are going to head to the pool. If it rains we will put on our pjs,  curl up in my bed with a big bowl of popcorn and watch movies on our brand new flat screen! Life is good.

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