Summer Vacation Part 5 – Back to DC

DC weather this summer was crazy. First of all it was crazy hot and humid. The whole east coast was dealing with the oppressive heat and humidity but I thought it wouldn’t be bad for me coming from Manila. Wrong. It was sweltering! Do you see that temperature?!

To beat the heat the best place to head is to a swimming pool. We were staying with my good friend and old roommate this go round and she took us to her pool to cool off. Coco tried out the Hello Kitty ensemble my sister gave her for her birthday. So cute! When we weren’t swimming you could find Coco carrying my friend’s dog, Chulo, everywhere.

She also had fun at the park and spending more time with her buddy, T.    

Later in the week, Coco and I spent time with her two Godmothers. We had seen them both when we first arrived and we so happy to have time to see them both again. We drove into Virginia to have lunch with Titi and then we went to visit Auntie Ayanna who cornrowed her hair. I watched intently and even videotaped it to refer back. I think I can learn how. I can already braid my own hair but it ends up like a French braid. Turns out my braids have been braided in whereas with cornrows they are braided out (does that make sense?). Watching her do it helped a lot.. even though she whipped out this hairstyle in like 20 minutes. But mark my words, I am going to learn how to cornrow this year !!

What else did we do in DC? We stopped over my friend D’s house to eat some Ethiopian food and spend time with her son whom she adopted from Ethiopia last summer. I think her son and Coco make the cutest couple! Can anyone say arranged marriage? I wish someone had arranged a marriage for me! LOL

      It’s criminal that there are no Ethiopian restaurants in Manila. If I knew how to cook Ethiopian food I might open one. I miss it!!  (Now that I think about it, I still have some berbere powder in my kitchen that I brought back from Addis. I’m going to find some recipes to prepare!) While in DC I also went to a luncheon at a local Ethiopian restaurant of Black women with Ethiopian children. There were about 30 of us in all, adults and kids. It was a nice gathering. It’s so nice to know others who have gone through the process and are also raising Habeshas. Too bad there aren’t any adoptees in Manila but there are a few Ethiopian families here. I need to do better about reaching out to them this year.What else? What else? I met up with some of my colleagues from my last job for happy hour. It’s so nice to be keeping in touch with them even though we only worked together for one year. Such a nice group of people!

I met up with a friend for a drink and had a date at that same spot later that night.                     A date! I know! What’s that?! Well, I’m calling it a date though it was really just old friends getting together. It felt like one though since I don’t date at all in Manila. Well, I had one but he turned out to be married. Sigh. Take it from me, if you want an active dating life Manila is not the place to live. (Unless you’re a man – then by all means move here. You can be unattractive, rude and broke and you will still have women falling all over you.) Bitching? Why, yes I am. It’s just annoying and sad to see 65-year-old men with their 25-year-old girlfriends all over the city. I’m just sayin’.

But back to DC. I saw this lovely mural and just had to photograph it. I annoyed my friend by making her pull over so I could photograph it but isn’t it nice?!


We drove over to Coco’s old school so she could see her old friends and her wonderful teacher, Ms. E. I miss this lady so much. She is such a wonderful person and you can see how much they truly love each other. We both teared up when it was time to say good-bye.While I was in town I also got to see my friend Becca. She lives in West Africa. We met through a mutual friend when we were both living in Paris many years ago but since then we have rarely lived on the same continent at the same time so it’s so hard to see her! Luckily she was in the DC area the same time I was and we made it a point to get together so we could catch up and so our girls could meet for the first time.


It was a packed trip but so good to fit almost everyone in! I also did all my shopping for the next year at Value Village, Target and Walmart (not kidding) and had three boxes shipped via Balikbayan. It was a great time and there was still just enough time to get back to PA for one last visit with family before leaving the country.

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