Summer Vacation Part 6 – Back to Pennsylvania

Since I extended my trip by a week (at a $150 change fee per ticket but worth it to do the paperwork required for my adoption credit which I hope I get soon because I need the money :)) I had time for one last visit with family. This was especially important for me as I am not sure if we will go home for Christmas this year. It costs us about $4000 to do that and I am hoping to find a cheaper destination for the holiday this year — hopefully a place where my family can meet me. Europe would be lovely and not too far for my family to get to but I don’t think that will be any cheaper. Asian destinations are cheap for us but too far for family. I don’t see them traveling to South America or the Middle East. Where does that leave us? Australia? Too far. Africa? Far and expensive as well. It’s a problem, right? Any suggestions welcome! In the meantime, I knew one more visit would be a good idea and a lot of fun. Here are some pictures from the visit:


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2 Responses to Summer Vacation Part 6 – Back to Pennsylvania

  1. zoya7 says:

    I don˙t know the prices but I suggest Europe. 🙂

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