Rains and Flooding

I have never seen so much rain in my life. It has been raining practically non-stop for the past three days. Yesterday alone we got 20 inches! I was pretty annoyed yesterday when it seemed as if every school in Manila was closed, the US Embassy was closed as well as other important establishments, yet my employers would not let us leave early. When I finally did get to leave it was eerily quiet on the roads. Streets that are usually crowded and teeming with traffic were deserted. It all seemed too easy until I came to the street right near my house. It was flooded out. Motorcycles and bicycles were powering through the murky waters but it looked to be about a foot high and I was afraid it would get into my car so I had to drive back to work and go home a different way. Thankfully I knew another way cause there were no taxis on the road to take me home if I got lost or stranded. That’s when it started to get scary. I wanted to take more pictures but I was more focused on getting home safely and hugging Coco. You can kind of see in the second one how high the water is (though keep in mind this is a road I was able to drive on so it wasn’t nearly to the level of other areas). Sadly over 50 people have lost their lives due to these torrential rains and surely thousands are displaced or dealing with flooded homes and ruined property. We are lucky to be in a high-rise where it’s warm and safe and will be taking time today to give thanks and offer prayers to those less fortunate.

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