Rainy Day Off

It rained some this morning and then the skies seemed to clear. But then this afternoon the skies again turned dark and the clouds broke open with yet another torrential downpour. Even going to work tomorrow is going to be treacherous.

I must admit I enjoyed the day off. It was kind of like my much-missed beloved snow days. Unexpected and, along as everyone is safe and with power, very much welcomed. We lazed around the house much of the day. I popped some popcorn in coconut oil in my awesome popcorn popper and topped it with melted butter and sea salt. OMG! So delicious!

Then we used the leftover popcorn to make some popcorn balls. They have honey in them which I don’t care for (other than in tea) and they didn’t really hold together too well but Coco loved them.

Later we played a matching game but Coco got upset that she wasn’t winning, said she didn’t like the game and started pouting. Do  you always let your children win at games? Later we braved the rains and caught a cab to the mall where I scored this nice basket. I intended to buy some rainboots but they were “out of stock ma’am.” Of course they were.

It was raining crazy hard and our cab back home had a leak. It was raining inside the freakin’ cab! The seat was wet and I got wet from the rain coming inside, too. Yuck. After hot baths and good food we snuggled on my bed and read books. The rain does make it very cozy in our cute apartment. Look how nice my Ethiopian blanket looks, too. I love it! So glad I pulled it out and decided to use it. It’s the perfect weight for this weather as well.

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4 Responses to Rainy Day Off

  1. Jessi says:

    Glad you are safe and happy! Another upside… we didn;t get any snow days last year so you haven’t missed any yet 🙂

    • Joy says:

      thanks, jessi. it is CRAZY! you didn’t get ANY snow days last year?? i don’t think i have ever taught a year without at least one! what about delays?

      • Jessi says:

        No delays that I can remember… although I have to leave early no matter what so I don’t know if I’d remember a delay! THey didn’t take the snow days off the calendar either so we worked an extra 4 days last year.

      • Joy says:

        What? Now that is really wrong!! smh

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