Princess Ballerina


I found the most adorable princess dress for Coco in the States. It’s a leotard with a tutu attached with ‘Princess’ written on the front in sequins. It’s sleeveless, which is perfect for this hot weather, and it has the poofiest tutu I’ve ever seen which I knew she would love twirling and dancing in. She loved it immediately and it’s now her go-to dress when she wants to dress up like a princess. Yes, I suppose it’s for a ballerina but Coco calls it her princess dress and well, you know it’s a dress and it says princess on it – so sure, it’s a princess dress! The day I gave it to her she wanted to put it on right away. She started dancing and twirling and jumping and curtsying all over the house.

She then asked if she could put on some of my lipstick. I helped her apply it but silly me neglected to put it away. That mischievous girl went and applied it super thick and then proceeded to wipe the excess off on her brand new dress! Oy! Luckily it all came out. Disaster averted! Look at her! I’m not sure if that’s a look of guilt or smugness or if she just thought the whole thing was hilarious!

Let’s get a closer look at all that lipstick, shall we?Oh boy! She’s a handful, that Coco. Can’t take your eyes off her for a minute!! 🙂  

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2 Responses to Princess Ballerina

  1. Stefanie says:

    It looks like she was born to wear that dress. 🙂

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