Things I Like

It took me almost a full year to stop hating Manila and now though I still don’t particularly like it I do admit that there are some things that I truly like and/or appreciate about living here. I will do posts of such things from time to time to have a positive spin on this city after many posts of gripes. 🙂  Even though it says things I like, here is just one for today. (And, well, “Thing I Like” just sounds weird! lol.)

Calamanci Juice! Calamanci* are like little mini limes (about the size of a cherry tomato) but their taste isn’t nearly so sour. My yaya squeezes them for me for my morning tea with freshly grated ginger but it’s also delicious cold. It can be made fresh, of course, but you can also buy the concentrate which I did last week just to try. I keep mine stored in the freezer (it doesn’t freeze probably because it contains honey). When  you are ready for some juice, you just pour some of this concentrate in a glass, add water and ice and stir. Love it!

* I guess it can also be spelled with a K or maybe SureBuy is just being creative with their packaging. Not sure.

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One Response to Things I Like

  1. sybaritica says:

    Interesting … I’d love to try the juice and the fruit themselves.

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