June 2012 (4yrs old) – Hurry Mommy! I have to peepee. Hurry it’s coming out and I’m going to peepee in my pants like a baby!!

July 2012 (4yrs 1mo) – While I was talking to the yaya Coco blurts out, “Don’t do that!” pointing to her forehead. “Don’t do what?” the yaya asks. “That,” she says, wrinkling up her forehead. “Don’t make stripes on your head… or you’ll look like my mom.”

August 2012 (4yrs 3mo) – Coco was trying to get me to remember an incident with a mosquito.. “Remember the mosquito in the cup? Member? After we left Chulo’s house before we went to Grandma’s house? Remember Mommy?” to which I replied, “No, Coco, I don’t remember that.” She then got louder as she repeated the story and I told her that I can’t always remember everything that happens. She paused for few moments and then looked at me concerned and said, “Do you remember that you love me?”

Cute words and phrases:

hicking up (hiccuping)
bagetti (spaghetti)
nana (banana)
lamster or a clamper (lobster)
tick tock (lipstick)

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3 Responses to Coco-isms

  1. De says:

    It’s good that you are recording these. I have forgotten some of my kids cute phrases.

    • Joy says:

      yes, it’s cute and good to have. but even if your children are older they say and do interesting, recordable things. i found an old textbook from high school where i had written some hilarious things!

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