Okay, I can’t really call this the Things I Hate post – I mean, didn’t your mother say hate wasn’t a nice word? – but there are many really, really annoying things about living here and ‘Seriously?!’ sounds a lot nicer! So to balance out the Things I Like posts, here’s today’s installment of things that make me say, “Seriously?!”

* Cheaply made stuff!  I was reaching high into the cabinet in our tiny kitchen when this cheap piece of crap crumbled beneath me. I know I am not as light at your average Filipino but come on! It’s a stool for crying out loud! It should withstand people standing on it! 😦

My foot went right through it which threw me off balance which resulted in me falling backwards and hitting my head and back on the counter behind me. Ouch! My leg got all scraped up and was  bleeding. See?

Here’s a closer look at my injuries:

It hurt. I cried. And yes, that is a glass of wine. It helped.

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6 Responses to Seriously?!

  1. Annie says:

    Poor You.
    Stupid Stool!

  2. Ouch, but I like your idea for recovery 🙂

  3. Roxana says:

    Come on. It’s made in china. What did you expect!

  4. That sucks! Looks like it hurt too…

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