Pink Bees

When I first moved here I bought a long pink skirt that I thought was cute and fun but I almost never wore it cause it was really just too much pink. I don’t even have a picture of me in it I wore it that infrequently. It sat in my closet day after day until I realized I have this great seamstress who could shorten it and make something for Coco with the extra material. What a great idea! She did just that! She shortened it to a length I prefer and had enough left over to make this cute dress for Coco. It’s super fancy since the material is quite flimsy and has this extra long bow so not really great for school but I am going to let her wear it there anyways.  (No sense in having a dress she loves just sit in the closet for special occasions. We don’t have any occasions on the horizon for her to wear it so it may as well be now.)

Coco was sooo excited when I asked her if she wanted to wear it to the Sunday market with her light-up shoes yesterday. When I do something for her she is thrilled about she always says, “I love my Mommy! I love my Mommy!” or “Mommy, I love you sooo much!!” After the joyous shrieks of ‘I love you’ she raced to put on her new shoes. They are her new school shoes but she hasn’t worn them much because her teacher sent an email asking them to not wear shoes that they can’t take on and off independently. She is crushed she can’t wear them every day (I still will let her occasionally until the no-tie laces I ordered online arrive) but it has been awhile so she couldn’t wait to get them on. I thought her outfit was pretty snazzy. She thought she was the bees knees.

  Speaking of bees, Coco has been asking lots of questions about them lately. “What do bees eat, Momma?” “Do they have mouths?” She was so excited to see them at the market and I was thrilled to have an expert answer her questions! While she was mesmerized by the bees I bought some real, local honey. I was shocked when I read this week how over 75% of honey sold in supermarkets isn’t even honey! Most brands don’t contain any pollen and have been so over processed so they no longer contain any benefits or medicinal properties. I happily purchased a small container from a local bee farm. I tasted a sample and even though I don’t typically like honey this one wasn’t bad at all (though a tad pricey). They were also selling organic honey– the bees only pollinate with coconut trees. It was very dark and tasted more like molasses. I will be moving towards that in the future but its taste was quite different and the cost quite high so not just yet. (baby steps) 🙂

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