Peeling Back the Layers

This past weekend I took my girl up on her offer and went to Boracay to celebrate her birthday. Best vacation in a decade!! Okay, slight exaggeration but it really was so. much. fun! I haven’t had more than a night away from Coco in 2½ years and this trip took me away from her for three nights. At first I felt guilty (especially when she was crying and begging to come with me) but I knew she was going to have fun at her friend’s house for the weekend and I was so overdue. No seriously, can I just tell you – I loved every minute of it! I had forgotten how much I love to do my own thing, on my own schedule. Okay, that’s a lie. I hadn’t forgotten, but dang it I was appreciative!

More than ever I realize how important it is for me to find time to do things I enjoy. I feel like I peeled back the mommy layers and found the old me. And can I admit something? Don’t judge me harshly but I didn’t miss her very much. That may sound awful to some of you but it’s true. Sure I worried about her (can parents ever not worry?? ugh) and of course I called to check on her and to tell her I loved her but miss her? No, not really. It’s been an intense few years and it felt good to just go kick back and relax and basically just do what I wanted to do. I just can’t feel bad about that. It was too much fun!

Here are a few family-blog-friendly pictures from the trip 🙂

Look at gorgeous White Beach with its long stretches of fine, white sand. Serenity.

Fresh buko juice in the morning at the hotel (look at view behind me!)

Oh the amazing foot massages!!! I  got TWO. At $8.75 I should have gotten one every day!

We chartered a boat for a few hours and went around the island. Oh man, was it ever gorgeous! We got to lay down on these nets in the sun and take in the view. I couldn’t get enough of that clear, turquoise water. So, so beautiful! (Excuse how overexposed some of these shots are– I changed the settings to take pictures on the beach at night and couldn’t figure out how to change them back.)


It wasn’t all daytime and sunshine that made this place so remarkable though. Oh no, it was also the nightlife! Here are some pics of us having fun dancing and acting crazy.

Wait, shall we take a closer look at that hottie I met?

Coolest guy I have met in years! Too bad he lives in freakin’ Denver!!!

I also met these cool chicks. One lives in Manila, the other Singapore. They hung out with us all weekend. Definitely planning a trip to Singapore very soon!

          I also got my hair braided, watched some fire throwers and did some souvenir shopping.

Can I just repeat how amazing my weekend was??? I’ve learned that balance and fun are key components in good parenting (whatever that means to you). You can’t stop cold turkey doing what you enjoy and still be happy and fulfilled. If you aren’t happy and fulfilled you can’t be your best parent version. Sure your life changes and some things will have to give but this weekend reinforced for me that I need more me time to just DO ME!!

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8 Responses to Peeling Back the Layers

  1. leamn says:

    Been in Boracay and I must say you’re right, it gives everyone who wants a vacation a blast. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • pierre leavell says:

      Hello beautiful, your smile tells the whole story! As parents, it is important that we take time to recharge and renew. Once recharged, we return to our kids with a renewed sense of purpose, ready to give them our best.

    • Joy says:

      I heart Boracay! (except for the food which is awful!!! lol)
      Can’t wait to go back!

  2. TraShawn Thornton-Davis says:

    Good for you Joy! You deserve it. Me time is soooo important. I too have learned that all too well. I hope to read many more post about your adventures rediscovering YOU!

    • Joy says:

      It is HUGE!! I feel so much better now! I won’t be waiting another 2.5 yrs for the next installment – don’t you worry! More posts coming up soon.

  3. zoya7 says:

    Wow, great place! love the colour of the sea! and you totally deserve it!
    and the hottie from denver? go for it 😉

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