Let’s Do This

I have been researching ways to optimize health, get a handle on my out of control cravings, lose weight, have more energy and feel good and I keep coming across the same ways over and over again: change your diet and you’re golden. And the changes that I keep reading about over and over again? They vary. Some say to ditch grains and sugar, some say to get rid of sugars, dairy and grains, some say get rid of meat, all say to eliminate processed foods.. How does one know what to focus on? Well, these things seem to be the worst culprits and on all the lists:

1. processed foods
2. sugars (including maple syrup, honey, stevia –the only three I use now)
3. grains (wheat, oats, teff, rice, corn, etc. –the whole shebang)
4. bad oils (we only do coconut oil and olive oil so this one’s easy)

And these things should be in very limited quantities if at all:

4. potatoes
5. dairy products
6. fruit
7. alcohol

Some allow dark chocolate and red wine in limited quantities, others don’t. I am going to allow those. I know, I’d have better results if I avoided them but I never overindulge in either of those two things and it will only be when I am on the edge and about to rip open a bag of Chips Ahoy. Certainly a square or two of dark chocolate will be a better choice. Bottom line: I’ve never given up so many things at once and I want to be successful.

Why on earth would I torture myself like this? Because I am being tortured anyway! How? By exhaustion, crazy sugar cravings, headaches, aches and pains, dry skin, low energy, etc. Also, I got terrible food poisoning in Boracay. Greatest trip in years and I had the time of my life but the food there is the worst I have ever eaten. The meals ranged from mediocre to awful. I’ll spare you the details but my response to the terrible food was shocking. I tried to do a cleanse but that only lasted half a day! (I know! Wish me luck on this venture!) Then tonight while I was reading more about this challenge, but still not totally committed, I got an intense pain in my lower back/kidney region. A sharp stabbing pain that lasted about 2 minutes. What the heck was that about?! Nothing good, that’s for sure.

I know it’s going to be really, really hard and I have been trying to gear myself up for the past few weeks. I figured I should first eat up all the bad foods in my house so I won’t want to cheat (and this is hugely valid and there are still things around but if I slip up I will just start over again); I figured doing this while I am having some challenges with Coco at school with behavior and at night with her interrupting my sleep wasn’t ideal– and it’s not– but I can’t predict when this will get better. I just missed the first of the month. I should wait until October 1st. Yeah, no. Lame. I just bought some brand new honey yesterday at the farmer’s market. What bad timing! Um, it will be there. Bottom line is I don’t really want to do this –well, I don’t want to go through it is more accurate. But I do want the results.. so here goes. Why not?

Starting tomorrow, September 4th I will see how long I can go. My goal is 21 days so from tomorrow until September 24th. I will attempt to photograph everything I eat and document how I feel. From what I’ve read they say to expect to feel crappy the first week or two. I tried a (modified to the point of being pointless) version last year and nothing happened. Waste of time. Felt the same. Well, this is it. Now or never I’ll try it again in October. Anyone want to join me?

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4 Responses to Let’s Do This

  1. wartica says:

    That list you put together are all the things I try and avoid–at all costs; over the years, those things have just made me overweight, have severe skin and emotional issues, so getting away from them was the best thing I did:)


    • Joy says:

      well, that is very helpful. glad that giving them up has done wonders for your health and that you have been able to avoid them for years. i’m hoping i can get to the point that it’s not so difficult to eat this way 80% of the time.

  2. pierre leavell says:

    Hello Joy,

    As a personel trainer in the past, I have discussed weight loss with many women and would like to
    give you the benefit of their collected wisdom: enjoy life, enjoy food, do both in moderation (small portions) throughout the day and you will achive your goal (with nightly walks for 30 mins after dinner). Giving up the things you listed is very hard to maintain. Decrease the portions you intake of them and you can still enjoy them. Good Luck…I know you can and will be successful.

    • Joy says:

      hey pierre,

      i’m not doing this for weight loss, though that would REALLY be a nice side benefit cause i could stand to lose some weight. i am doing this for health reasons and i have learned in hours of research that there are certain foods that are completely unnecessary for good health (like grains) and i am unable to eat them in moderation so why not try to eliminate them? i suggest you eliminate them like me for 21 days and see what improvements you see.

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