Day 2

Hmmm, not sure what to say about today. Some highlights, some not so much..

Here’s what I ate today:
grilled chicken breasts (4 small ones) and a few bits of this salad (not the avocado)

I was really full today. This morning I had a half a cup of water with some ACV so maybe that kept me from being hungry. I nibbled on the chicken from 8-noon til it was gone and then I didn’t want the salad so I had this instead:
The picture on the far left is some mashed cauliflower. OMG, have you tried it? Grate some cauliflower and steam it and mash with butter and rosemary and sea salt. Tastes like potatoes. Some sliced apple in the middle and then a couple of squares of dark chocolate. I wasn’t feeling too bad about it until I examined the package more closely during a meeting at work. I saw the cacao content was lower than I expected. You can click on that tiny photo above but it says it has 60% cocoa content. I am sure when they say you can eat dark chocolate, the cacao content needs to be a greater percentage than that. The label on the back seemed to confirm this for me. That’s a fair amount of sugar for someone trying to be sugar-free.I took the bus home from work and ran into Coco and the yaya outside of our building. I wanted to spend some 1:1 time with Coco so when the yaya offered to carry my things upstairs I gladly accepted so Coco and I could go for a walk. It got cut short because dark clouds rolled in and rain started to fall but I was happy to be out there nonetheless. I vowed just a few hours earlier that I was going to incorporate before-dinner walks every night (or as much as possible). I love the idea of a post-dinner stroll but Coco’s bedtime is 6:45pm. There isn’t much time after dinner with bath and bedtime routines but I think a before dinner walk is just as good. It’s fun walking with a 4-year-old because she is going to insist that you jump and skip and chase her which makes it vastly more entertaining.

When we got back inside I wasn’t going to eat any dinner as I really wasn’t hungry but that’s the danger of having a live-in cook. She’s aware of my food preferences so she prepared some steamed broccoli, grilled eggplant and pan-fried fish (using almond flour and butter). Man, it was good. I ate some of everything. Coco loved everything, too, so I let her eat most of it. She said she wanted to take some of the eggplant to school for her snack tomorrow and she was fighting me for the broccoli! I love that she loves vegetables!

It wouldn’t have been such a bad day all in all but I decided to cap it off with three more bite-sized cookies (wheat/dairy/egg free but so not needed after the 2 squares earlier).

Feeling more energetic today even though I was awaken last night by a pint-sized family member. It happens so often that when it doesn’t happen I can literally feel the difference that a whole night of uninterrupted sleep makes. Wish I could get a few days in a row.

Gosh, that was a whole huge recap after saying I wasn’t going to say much each day. Speaking of talking too much I do want to share something else I noticed: I have several bruises on my legs. What’s that about? I remember reading somewhere it could come from a lack of vitamin C, not sure. Look, see what I mean? Strange.

(Though equally strange is the fish floating in the tub!) Ha! 🙂

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One Response to Day 2

  1. pierre leavell says:

    Maybe your banging your leg against something when your up in the middle of the night. Hey, I was looking for that fish for dinner tonight! I do like the idea of you enjoying a fun filled walk before the evening meal with Coco. What a special way to end the day. Keep up the good work with your diet. Chow.

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