Day 3

No pictures today but here’s what I ate:

I started out the day with a glass of lukewarm water with ACV and a drop of Stevia. Later I had a meeting at work from 7:30-12. I am proud of myself for saying no to brownies, pita and hummus, milk chocolate with nuts and raisins and m&ms. Instead I had a large cappuccino with milk, 3-egg omelette with red peppers, onions & cheddar cheese, chicken breast, ½ avocado, 1 tiny cookie (homemade wheat/dairy/sugar-free), 2 slices of pomello

Late lunch/snack: 2 tiny cookies, apple

Dinner: 2 carrot sticks,  ½c. crabmeat with homemade mayo
** edited: before bed I had two more bite-sized cookies and a bowl of frozen blueberries

Not bad. Worked late so I got home too late for the walk. It was a long, stressful day after only 3 hours of sleep (Coco woke me up and I had trouble falling back to sleep) but instead of a large glass of wine and some dark chocolate I am going to take a bath, read a book and say some prayers. Tomorrow is a new day..

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2 Responses to Day 3

  1. pierre leavell says:

    Question: if Coco is waking you up every night, you might want to explore the root cause of this behavior. Thoughts: Is she going to bed to early? You may want to have her go to bed abit later and see if she sleeps longer. Is she use to coming to your bed for comfort and assurance from when she was younger? You may want to try to reinforce the idea that her bed is where she belongs. Escort her from your bedroom back to her room after a short response of reassurance. Re-tuck her back in, give her some love (rub her back gently), a kiss, and linger as little as possible. This part is hard, she may resist this at first, but you need to be firm. The sooner she realizes there is no reward for waking up and coming to your room, the faster she will settle into the desired behavior.

  2. Joy says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Pierre. She goes to bed early but she has to get up so early for school (6am). She wakes me up somewhere btwn 1 and 3 I think but she’s only up for a minute or less when she walks to my room. I can’t imagine putting her to bed later because she is exhausted at bedtime. At bedtime she usually has no problem going to sleep in her own bed; it’s the middle of the night when we have the problem and at that hour I am not going to get up and put her back in her own bed when we are both half asleep. . .

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