Man, my kid cracks me up sometimes! It’s so funny to hear when a child gets to the stage where she is verbal enough to make jokes, observations, give advice, etc. It adds a new layer to your interactions and Coco surprises me all the time with the things she says. Here are some of the things I have been hearing lately:

I no no  (I don’t know)
hadicapus (octopus)

“That made me laugh for one hour.”

“The plants don’t like you to fart every day.”

“Mmmm! Mommy! You’re such a good cooker!”

“Will you play to me?”

“It’s good morning time!” (she says this every morning when she sees the sun peeking through the curtains.. not just ‘it’s morning’ but always ‘it’s good morning’)

“I love you so much cause you let me have er’rything. That’s your choice.”

“What’s your old? What’s you..? What’s you old? What’s… what is you? You 4?” (she was trying to ask me my age or how old I am but didn’t have the vocabulary). “Are you 1? 2? 3…” up to 14 (then skipped 15 as she almost always does!) went up to 20. She finally asked (when I helped her formulate the question) and I told her. She was flabbergasted and exclaimed, “Wow! You’re old!”

Me, annoyed: Coco, don’t do that! It’s not a toy! Why do you act like everything is a toy? “Because I’m a kid. I’m small. I don’t know nothing.”

Me: Coco I don’t feel well. “Mommy, you need medicine. I’m going to ask Santa Claus to bring you medicine. He can do it on Saturday or Sunday or in 5 weeks.”

Me: Coco, Mommy has a special snack for you to eat just when you ride the school bus. “What is it? A cockroach?

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5 Responses to Cocoisms

  1. Roxana says:


  2. Sen says:

    Too cute! The last one made me laugh out loud.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Jessi says:

    “Because I’m a kid. I’m small. I don’t know nothing.”
    That is the cutest thing ever! I feel like keeping that in the back of my mind could keep me calm when faced with students in the classroom 🙂

  4. Laurie says:

    Too cute,

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