Day 6

Time to get more serious! Actually, I have to say that despite eating bite-sized cookies all week, I really didn’t have anything super sweet. In fact, when I ate some plain blueberries I couldn’t believe how sweet they tasted! Really, almost like candy. The fact of the matter is I had no refined sugars or maple syrup, and only honey and Stevia in minute amounts. Just tonight I was reading that one should limit their consumption of sugar (palm sugar, Stevia, sucanat, honey, maple syrup only) to a mere 3T a day OR several pieces of fruit. Last week I was most definitely within those limits so week one wasn’t really so bad; I need to stop beating myself up over it. This hasn’t been too hard so I am going to extend this good eating for the rest of the month –and not allow any alcohol!! I also need to factor in exercise more prominently. One before dinner walk is not exercise! lol However, I also read that if you have adrenal fatigue (and I seem to have many symptoms of this), strenuous exercise is not recommended. In fact, going for walks is the best exercise until they start healing. I do have tennis tomorrow, which I will do, but I gotta admit, it is thoroughly exhausting. Getting a 1:1 lesson for an hour means I am the one doing all the running around the court. I love that I am making such improvement to my game but I get home and literally collapse in a heap on the floor. It’s rough and now I know why. But I can and will suck it up once or twice a week and the rest of the time stick to walks for now.

Breakfast – 3 leftover fish cakes, few bites of string beans, 4 blueberry muffins

Lunch – 2 small chicken breasts, carrots and red peppers in zucchini hummus

Snack – none

Dinner-salad: lettuce, avocado, chicken, red pepper, green papaya, apple & 2 more muffins (Coco enjoyed the salad, too. She told me it was “very, very good”.  🙂 )

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3 Responses to Day 6

  1. Kris says:

    I love following your 21day challenge. It looks like you had a good day!

    As a teacher, who is VERY carb sensitive, I have also started watching my sugar/carb/ process food intake. I’ve also incorporated walking into my morning routine (I am just too darn tired after work). So far so good…I have fallen off the wagon a few times, but quickly get back on….ok, so I fell of the wagon for an entire week, but work was stressful, and I’m an emotional eater, LOL (don’t you just love that excuse).

    Keep up the great work…you are making the effort, so that is a damn good first step!

    • Joy says:

      thanks for reading, kris. yeah,stress from work and being an emotional eater are totally reasons excuses i give ALL the time. hey, there is some truth to them though! 🙂 good luck this week.

  2. pierre leavell says:

    Coco is so cute!

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