Day 9

Waaaay too many products with almond flour. I am off track and lacking commitment clearly but I will keep on keeping on.

Breakfast: one almond flour chocolate pancake, 2 hard-boiled eggs, one muffin, tea
Snack: red peppers, hummus, square of chocolate
Lunch: salad, 2 more muffins
Snack: muffin
Dinner: another pancake, some mashed cauliflower

Ok, so I am not anywhere near being off the sugar-addiction wagon but I am only going to congratulate my efforts at staying away from junk (like the refined sugar and flour cookies with bad oils available at work that I really wanted to eat today) and keep on moving.

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2 Responses to Day 9

  1. Roxana says:

    I love reading about you every day, so I’m happy when I can take a Joy-Break!

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