Day 10

Breakfast: 1 1/2 muffins with butter (someone stole my last half ;)), 3 apple sections, 1 oz sharp cheddar cheese, mug of hot ginger water

Coco really wanted to bring her barking/walking dog to school. I told her I was pretty sure her teachers wouldn’t allow her to take it out of her backpack (nor did I want to hear it yapping the whole drive to school) so she decided to tuck him under my covers to stay cozy until she got home. She was pretty upset when she got home and discovered my bedroom door was locked. The yaya said she was crying. 😦  When I got home I was also pretty upset though because I discovered the master bedroom key was in my bedroom! Ah, well one call to the front desk and there was a locksmith up to my unit to solve the problem.. for 450 pesos (about $10).Snack: veggies and hummus and a cappuccino with some palm sugar
Lunch: spinach and the rest of the apple from breakfastSnack: another apple with some sunflower nut butterDinner: one chicken breast, 6 mini zucchini/egg/flax seeds disc thingys, broccoli, pomelloAnd then before bed I had a few bites of Coco’s popsicle (homemade with coconut milk, cocoa powder, vanilla and banana–amazing! wish I’d written down my recipe!)

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