I took Coco to take a trial taekwondo lesson. She likes to run around the house and kick and chop the air and yell ‘hiyah!!’ so I thought she might enjoy it. 🙂 I also thought the seriousness of a sensei and the focus required would be beneficial for her. It seems like a really good fit! She loved it and she was exhausted after the hour!!

The class is a mixed age group from 4 to 16 years old and they are on different belt levels, though mostly white. Coco was thrilled when one of her classmates showed up and tried to sit extra close to him and get him to laugh and be silly with her. He was nice to her but he was having none of that. I got to sit in and watch (there were two male instructors for about 6 or 7 kids– all boys except for Coco) and I thought they were very good. They allowed some silliness and shenanigans and they incorporated some running and racing to allow them to burn off steam to be more able to focus when necessary. Coco tried some of her usual antics that she pulled in ballet like hiding under my chair or running off and not listening and her instructor kindly (but firmly without a smile and without the sing songy sugary sweet voice of Filipino women) told her to focus. When that didn’t work he worked with her 1:1. I am very pleased and will be enrolling her once or maybe even twice a week.

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