Day 12

I don’t even really know what I ate today.. what did I eat? Okay, about 8-10 mini cookies (yes, I made more!), 2 señorita bananas (super small) and then Coco and I went out for Thai food and I had chicken curry (without the rice — not that it came with any!) and hot tea and as I type this I am eating an apple and a spoonful of sunflower nut butter.

I spent three hours at a naturopathic doctor’s office today. It was very interesting! More on that soon but now I need to get into bed. I recently read that the body does the most healing and repair during the hours of 11pm and 1am — especially the adrenals. It’s just after 10pm so I am going to sign off for tonight. Please send good thoughts out to the atmosphere that Coco lets me sleep an uniterrupted 7-8 hours.

Good night.

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