Day 13

It rained all day today. Neither of us even got out of our pajamas! Coco has a runny nose and I had zero motivation to do much of anything so we just lazed around the house all day, looking at movies and eating. I was even too lazy to take pictures! Sorry about that. Coco grabbed my camera however and snapped this photo of me on the couch!

I made up this most amazing chicken dish for lunch! I sautéed some diced apples with rosemary in butter and coconut oil. Then I took some chicken breast, pounded them thin, dipped them in egg and almond flour and put them in the pan. I cooked them with the apples, then flipped them, covered the pan and cooked them for another 5 or 6 minutes. When they came out I sprinkled them with sea salt. OMG, they were SO good!!! I ate about 5 but you gotta know that the chicken breasts they sell here are extremely small so it was more like 2 fat Perdue breasts you would buy in the States. I also ate some steamed brocoli with butter, some pomello, oh and a spinach and red pepper omelette and 2 muffins and some apple slices this morning. What else? Yeah, some dark chocolate. Not so bad. I really, really, really wanted the icy cold beer in my fridge. Man, I still do! That would REALLY hit the spot right about now!! I’ll let you know if I break down..

I took the probiotics, fish oil, a multivitamin, Vitron C and zinc today. I can’t imagine doing that twice a day, every day as I am not one who normally pops pills. Seems so weird for me but I am going to try to do it for at least 2 weeks to see if I see any changes. Here I am almost two weeks in of grain-free and I don’t feel very different. I am still tired (though I am still awaken nearly every night one or two times by Coco plus I don’t exercise) and I still have minor aches and pains, though now that I think about it the stiffness that I used to feel seems to have subsided. The one thing I do notice is I don’t feel so bloated and full after meals. And I noticed when the doctor weighed me yesterday that I have lost 4 pounds.

Man that beer is calling my name!!! One little sip wouldn’t hurt, right? Here are a couple more photos Coco took this evening.. It’s a light beer. That wouldn’t be too terrible, right?

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2 Responses to Day 13

  1. Annie says:

    Drink the beer!! You deserve it!

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