Day 15

Woke up tired and had a long, busy day at work capped off with an hour tennis lesson!!

Breakfast: 2-egg scrambled eggs with cheese and a smoothie with banana, kiwi and almonds

Lunch: delicious salad with lettuce, chicken, carrots, pomello, avocado

Snack: apple with sunflower nut butter and dark chocolate

Walked into a quiet house after work (cause Coco was on a playdate) to the smell of freshly baked bread. OMG I wanted a slice so badly! It was still warm. I almost cut it considering it was gluten-free but grains are grains so I put it out of my mind and got dressed for my tennis lesson. On the way out the bread was still calling my name so I ate a chicken breast and a handful of almonds. Didn’t really cut it but time was up and I needed to get to the court.

I was shocked to discover it had been nearly a month since my last lesson! It’s hard to be consistent because they won’t let you book more than a few days ahead so I can’t take, like, every Tuesday at 3pm. I’d prefer to know ahead of time to get it in my mind and block it out in my schedule but that’s not an option so I gotta make do. One thing I know for sure though is I should be taking lessons twice a week. They are so inexpensive –only around $10 a lesson for a private lesson and a ball boy. I’m not going to find that price many places and with a private lesson I am improving so quickly. I have only had 4 lessons and I can now do forehand and backhand enough to keep up a decent rally and can get my serve in the box occasionally! I can only imagine how I will play in six  months with lessons twice a week. Look out Serena Williams! Hahaha 🙂

After tennis (now as I type this) I have no appetite and just want to soak in the tub. Think I’ll grab some fresh coconut water and go chill for the rest of my night.  Have a good one.

**edited – Got hungry a little after 8pm so I whipped up some almond flour/flax seed chocolate pancakes which were barely sweet but tasted oh, so good.

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4 Responses to Day 15

  1. Roxana says:

    We can all play tennis when you get back! What is pomelo ? Coco is getting so tall, I can’t believe it. I could not leavive on your dies, despite the fact that I don’t eat all of those things. For example, it was my mother’s bday last night. I served roast chicken. Not one that I bought in the store. Roasted beets, roasted carrots, ( egg yolk less noodles) for dad-stuffing….For the guys, sparking apple cider – -no alcohol , and to end it all – a 4 layer rainbow cake, which I made it myself! Chocolate, orange, white-but colored blue, and finally carot on top. Sprinkles and fresh raspberries. I did not eat one piece! I ate beets, carrots, and a small handful of noodles. Proud of it, especially since I have been So sick since last week! Love, r

    • Joy says:

      What a lovely meal to prepare for your mom’s birthday! Good for you for eating what you need to heal yourself as well. Feel better soon!! Pomello is very similar to grapefruit. I have been meaning to do a post on it. Thanks for the reminder. Cool~ tennis date it is and yeah-Coco is huge!!

  2. pierre leavell says:

    Hey Joy, Keep up the consistency and you will be the new serena. 15 days, I am proud of your effort so far.

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