Day 16

Okay, I ate a TON today. Or at least it seems like I did. No photos today. I don’t get how people can photograph every meal for a whole month! I get sick of carrying my camera around everywhere. And the battery dies. Maybe they use their phones? Anyways, on to the food:

Breakfast: 5 chocolate almond flour crepes and hot ginger water
Snack: cappuccino, almond thingys at work (bad–they contain rice syrup), banana
Lunch: salad like yesterday
Snack: apple and nut butter
Dinner: broccoli with melted butter and fish cakes

But I said not to Andes candies in a meeting, a pastry from a co-worker and when I gave Coco some tortilla chips at dinner I simply enjoyed the aroma. 🙂

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One Response to Day 16

  1. Jessi says:

    i’m impressed. I would have caved at andies candies!

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