Trip to the Dentist

I snapped these photos of Coco in my sweatshirt yesterday. Is she a penguin or a rapper? Funny girl.


Later we went to the dentist. The same woman who recommended the naturopathic doctor, recommended this dentist. He was very good. Coco had a very good visit. Since he was looking at her teeth I took the opportunity to ask him if age 4 seemed right for her. Coco came with a birth certificate but the agency said (and this is well known in Ethiopian adoption) that it may not be her correct age. I am starting to think she might be a bit older since she is suddenly so tall but her referral photo at 13 months looked about right so it can’t be too far off. I thought he might be able to tell me something but he said at this age he could only determine a range of about 8 months unless he took x-rays. I was not willing to have her subjected to that so I just went with his opinion which was her teeth were developmentally possible for a child of 4 yrs, 3 months. I skipped the fluoride treatment since I have been reading some many awful things about it. Did you know it is banned in many Western European countries? What’s up with the US putting it in our water?!

Here she is in the dental chair. The pink glasses were on to shield her eyes from the light as they cleaned her teeth. She was watching the TV on the ceiling which she was thrilled about. I asked him about her dark gums but he said that is normal and then he delivered the best news of all: no cavities!  Yay!And with her new toothbrush and a Squidward sticker on her arm.

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