Day 18

It’s getting easier to turn down crap!!!! I am so happy about this fact! I had a meeting all day at work where they provided breakfast, lunch and snacks. What did I eat from their spread? Fruit and salad. That’s it. What did I pass up? Check out this list: carrot cake and donuts and pudding and soda and rice and breaded fish and chicken and pita bread and mini chicken quesadillas. Amazing. Really, really amazing. I did have my stash of dark chocolate, homemade banana bread and almonds and raisins–and, yeah, rather laaarge stash–but you know what? It meant the snacks I ate at least were all healthy. Yay!

Breakfast: latte, watermelon, banana bread
Snack: banana bread, dark chocolate and raisins
Lunch: zucchini lasagna, lemongrass chicken
Snack: pineapple, watermelon, coffee
Dinner: zucchini lasagna, a few bites of salad and red wine

Forgot to take my vitamins, didn’t drink nearly enough water and no exercise but I’m very proud of myself for not eating anything unhealthy!

Now off to search for a healthy calamari recipe for the frozen ones I bought. Good night.

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