Feeling Really Stressed Out Right About Now

I don’t know why but I feel like crying! I have so many things to do all the time and with a child I can’t seem to cross very many things off the To Do list each week. I thought there would be fewer things on a to do list here but the difficulty of getting simple things done makes simple tasks more difficult and annoying. I am sitting here sipping on a glass of red wine procrastinating tackling the list by writing this post. But trust and believe the list is long.

Take, for example, that I need to buy some tennis shoes and a sweatband for my tennis lessons. I know wearing a sweatband around your head is so 1970 but playing tennis in 90- degree weather means I am constantly wiping sweat out of my eyes so I can see the ball. I also need shoes designed specifically for tennis because I am concerned about my ankles with all the constant footwork. Problem is, I don’t really know what shoes I should buy. High tops? K Swiss? My current sneakers seem to have too high of a sole; I feel like I should be closer to the ground. If I were home I would simply drive to one of the stores that specializes in tennis gear or to a large sporting goods store where there would be someone knowldgeable in tennis shoes. There is no place like that here so I have to do the research myself, find a store that carries that product, deal with figuring out how to get there, drive in the horrendous traffic, take the risk of something being out of stock and then of course there is the typical salesperson who will say “yes ma’am” to any question trying to be nice but making the whole experience extra frustrating. This could be a typical conversation:

Do you recommend a type of shoe for tennis?
“Yes ma’am.”
Oh great! What do you recommend?
“Sorry ma’am?”
What kind of shoe do you recommend for tennis? K Swiss? Nike Adidas?
“Yes ma’am.”
Which one?
Sorry ma’am?
Which brand do you recommend for tennis?
“There are many over here ma’am, let me show you.”

Friendly? Yes. Helpful? Not at all. Worse is when you go into a store and ask for something and they tell you they don’t have it and then you find it in the next aisle. That has happened so many times that I have realized that asking salespeople anything is usually a colossal waste of time. Shopping is so not fun here.

I know, trying to not get frustrated when buying tennis shoes and sweatbands is a first world problem. Get over it. Be grateful you have the means to buy specialized shoes for an elitist sport. Wah. But it’s just one item in long list of things that never seem to get done and constantly weigh on my mind.

Complaining about them and blogging about them instead of doing them isn’t helping? Right.

Okay then. Off to look at my list…

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2 Responses to Feeling Really Stressed Out Right About Now

  1. Jessi says:

    I feel ya. More on my stress in an email to you that I will dinally be sitting down to type bc its on the list I made for this weekend 🙂 As for your stress… what about ordering shoes online? I know then there is the whole what if they don;t fit issue… but zappos.com has free shipping on returns.

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