The Shoes Blues

Shoe shopping was as annoying as predicted. In Manila the sales people are there to sell a certain brand so when you are ready to try on a particular pair  you need to find the specific person hired to sell Adidas, K Swiss, Nike, etc. I went in to try to find some shoes to play tennis in and tried on a couple of pairs. I asked the guy to bring out an 8 and an 8.5 the same time but he only brought out a 7.5. Of course it didn’t fit. Then he went back for an 8 but they didn’t have it. Then he went back for the 8.5 which they didn’t have either. So I had to try another brand and find a different sales person.

Well she was even worse! I showed her the style I liked and asked her to bring out an 8 and an 8.5. She brought out a 7.5. It didn’t fit (of course) so she went back and brought out an 8.5. It was too big. “Please bring me the 8 to try on” I told her. “Yes, ma’am,” she replied. She disappeared to the back while I perused the overpriced sports bras. I was so happy when she returned with a box in her hands and quickly sat back down to try on the pair I was sure was going to fit.

But no! What was going on? I could barely force my foot into it! “What size is this?!” I asked confused and frustrated. “Oh, it’s a 6 and a half ma’am.” “But the 7.5 didn’t fit! Why would you bring me a 6.5?!” “It’s all we have ma’am.”

And there you have it – a typical shoe-buying experience in the Philippines. Clearly I came home empty-handed. 😦

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