Day 21

Well that went fast! 21 days of eating better was a success. I’ll do a more thorough recap tomorrow of the highs and lows. Meanwhile here’s the food from the last day, day 21:

Breakfast: hot ginger water with calamanci and honey
Snack: some steamed fish roll thing my yaya concocted (delicious by the way!)
Lunch: salad with all kinds of weird ingredients thrown in
Snack (this is crazy!!!): sautéed spinach and mulangay with raisins and kimchi

What are these foods she speaks of?? Calamanci? Mulangay? Kimchi?
Just real food. Sad that we’re more familiar with Pop Tarts and Coco Puffs. Very sad.
Suffice it to say, that was probably the healthiest snack I have ever eaten in my life!!

Health rating:  10 🙂             Satisfaction rating:  0 😦

Calamanci I wrote about here. Kimchi is actually probably fairly well-known but click here if you’ve never heard of it and mulangay will get a separate post when I get a moment.

Dinner: pan-friend calamari (I suck at making it –  it was not very good) and a neither was the glass of wine  

So then I made a dessert. A smoothie: 1 apple, a handful of mulungay, a banana, a handful of almonds, some cocoa powder and some coconut water (ew, that even sounds gross)

And it certainly doesn’t look appetizing at all!!!  But it wasn’t bad..
Very weird mix of foods today.

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