So Let’s Elaborate, Shall We?

Yesterday I posted on the positive and negative of going sugar/grain/junk food free for 21 days. I did eat some sugar in the form of palm sugar (occasionally in coffee) and in dark chocolate and in the form of honey. I didn’t eat any grains. I also drank about a bottle of wine in 3 weeks (oh and the 4 glasses when I went out to dinner with my friend). So I did do what I set out to do for the most part. The problem was I ate entirely too many foods with almond flour: cookies and blueberry muffins almost every day? Yeah, sure did. And if I wasn’t eating them I was eating squares of dark chocolate. I wasn’t too concerned about it until I read this article and this one. In a nutshell (pun intended!) they are saying nuts have more phytic acid than grains and phytic acid makes it difficult to absorb iron, zinc and calcium. Great, just great. 😉 I ate them because they are tasty and low in carbs but they might be causing more harm than good.

Bottom line: If I had omitted wine, chocolate and almonds during the 21 days I am sure I would have had better results. Now to recap and elaborate on the results I did have:

1. I do not look or feel dramatically different. I lost a bit of weight but nothing anyone would really notice. I don’t feel particularly different when I wake up in the morning (in other words still exhausted). I am not congested though like I often used to be.

2. My skin is more broken out that usual. I don’t break out. Very, very rarely in fact. This week I have noticed three small pimples on my chin. Not a big deal but noticeable for me. Is this due to an increase in nuts and oils? Stress? Pollution? Who knows.

3. I am still tired. I was hoping to feel a huge increase in energy but not so much.

1. I lost weight. How much? Two pounds. Nothing anyone including myself would even notice but it was done without much effort. If I continued to lose 2 pounds a month I would be down 8 pounds by the new year. That would be cool.

2. I’m still tired but not as tired! I know I mentioned this as a positive and a negative. Let me explain: I am still hating waking up in the mornings — it’s 5:30am for goodness sakes!!– but what I have noticed is I am not crashing in the late afternoons. This is really different for me. I don’t know what to attribute this to but it’s nice!

3. I don’t have crazy ridiculous cravings anymore for sugary foods. This one is HUGE!  The desserts I did allow myself were extremely low in sugar. Now regular desserts taste too sweet and better yet I don’t really feel the same desire for them. Again, huge.

4. Finally, I gained 13 followers in 21 days! I don’t know if you were looking for recipes or to see some dramatic changes or to see me fail miserably — who knows? This has nothing to do with health whatsoever but it’s cool. Glad you’re here.

So being “off the program” so to speak (even though I plan to continue to eat this way most days)I took Coco out to dinner tonight. They brought warm bread to the table. I ate two pieces. Did it taste good? Hell yeah! I also ate a few of the french fries that came with my chicken. Afterwards I noticed that I felt bloated and gross. Did I see a dramatic difference upon elimination over the last 21 days? Not really but I don’t recall ever feeling bloated nor gross. Maybe if I hadn’t eaten nuts and almond flour along with the grains I would have seen or felt a dramatic difference. It’s a crapshoot. On one hand I don’t see the need to be so incredibly strict. On the other I feel I need to continue on without eating almond flour baked goods. In fact, now that I think about it, the one time I do recall feeling dramatically different –and I mean dramatically different— was when I ate a processed food-free, raw vegan diet for three days. Yes, it was only three days yet I distinctly remember feeling better than I ever had in my whole life. Could I eat like that indefinitely? Absolutely not. Totally unrealistic. However, if I try that again and then reintroduce foods slowly perhaps I can pinpoint what foods make me feel the worst.

If nothing else, these 21 days showed me I can do something when I put my mind to it. I wasn’t perfect but I wasn’t terrible either. Let me relax for a minute and do some shopping and perhaps I will try the raw vegan thing in a few days.

Anyone want to join me on that??

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