So Much To Catch Up On

It’s time for a random catch up post. Enough about food!! I have so many unblogged about pictures sitting in iPhoto so excuse the hodge podge of this post. So what have we been up to? Well, I served Coco popcorn for breakfast the other day. I figured it was not much different than toast and butter. Hey, she loved it. (oops- that was still about food!) šŸ™‚

Then I dropped her off at school. She played on the playground til the whistle blew.

I can’t get over how big she looks in this photo!!!

Another day I wasn’t feeling so hot (this was waaay back just shortly before before my 21-day challenge –which prompted it) and Coco took out her doctor’s kit to check me out. She looks pretty concerned in this photo but I checked out okay šŸ˜‰

One morning while we were cooking I noticed this stuck to a drawer knob. She loves stickers and I find them in all kinds of funny places.

My sister sent Coco 5 princess dresses last year and they have been worn hundreds of times. She will ask me to turn on the music so she can dance and lately has been asking me to be her prince and dance with her. Awww..Ā  Other times she just wants to wear a princess dress around the house or to the table to eat carrots. šŸ™‚

We went to church a few Sundays ago. We don’t go consistently but let me tell you the incident that happened the last the last time we went doesn’t make me want to run back. You see, since it’s the beginning of the new school year I had to reregister Coco for the next Sunday school classroom so she was a bit late going in that morning. It was some of the same teachers from last year so they remembered her and said hello as she walked in the door. She clung to me a bit shy which is so out of character so I stood there holding her hand until she was ready to join the group. Just then a chubby Filipino boy started up at her aghast and said, “Look Black color!” Thankfully Coco didn’t hear him or make much of it and sat down to join the group but I was taken aback. In my shock all I could come up with was, “I know! Isn’t it beautiful?!” but I was very uncomfortable. To be frank I don’t like putting her in situations where she is the center of attention because of her skin color or hair and that happens far too often in the Philippines. But you know what? Even if that weren’t the case, most Sunday mornings I just want to stay in my pj’s all day and chill after these long, tiring weeks.

The church we attend is non-denominational with contemporary Christian music. I enjoy the music but the sermons are waaaay too long and I see a lot of people from work there. I don’t know about you but I don’t like to mix work with my spirituality; it’s too private for me and the people I see there aren’t friends. It’s unfortunate but what can you do? I tried one other place and same problem (though it was an Episcopal church so the sermon was shorter!) I heard there was a Unitarian church that I may try, and I also just recently discovered that Saddleback church is opening a branch? church here in Manila in December. Saddleback church as in the Rick Warren of The Purpose Driven Life Saddleback church. I may check it out when it opens its doors in December but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I really just want a church with some gospel music!

After church we always go to the Sunday market. Coco always has a friend. In fact, every time we go somewhere you can be sure to find a dog or two (or three) with us.

She also likes to pretend she’s a dog.

Or a bird. Or is that still a dog? What in the..? (I just asked her and she said it was a dog.)Coco’s social calendar is getting quite full. She’s been to two birthday parties already this year and has another one to go to next week. They are all kids from her swimming group. I am so glad I signed her up for swimming last year and she will continue on with them to the next level starting on Thursday. This time they are going to be learning real strokes. I am looking forward to seeing her improve and learn more about water safety. Here she is on her way to a party (with Ella, the animal of choice that day)and coming back from a party last week.I have sooooo many more photos and things to blog about but that’s enough for now.
What new is going on in your life?

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One Response to So Much To Catch Up On

  1. pierre says:

    Hello Joy,

    Coco is to beautiful!!!! and so tall. Wow. Give her a great big hug for me please. Smile : )

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