Doing Hair and Building Towers

Hair. I think about Coco’s hair every day. Why hasn’t it grown very much? Should I have shaved it when I picked her up in Ethiopia (a common practice). When am I going to get better at cornrowing? Am I moisturizing it enough? Why don’t the styles look nice anymore after a few days? Does she realize how amazing her hair is?

The only time I have to try a style is on the weekends and it has to be Sunday because it’s wrecked in two or three days. I really should do it twice a week but I can’t seem to find the time. Coco is proud of her hair I think. She used to talk about wanting long hair and straight hair all the time but I think it was just a phase. I purposefully have never blown it dry straight or flat ironed it as I want her to embrace the curls because they are gorgeous!! She loves when I put it in a cute style and always checks it out in the mirror afterwords.

Doing hair has gotten easier overall. She used to scream when I did it (“Mommy!!! Why you hurting me?!” lol) but now she’s pretty good at keeping calm and getting through it. Keys to success: snacks, toys to occupy and not being tired (she’s not wincing in this photo I swear!)

I did a very simple two puffs style on Sunday since this can easily be redone in the morning if necessary and it looks so cute on her. She sat patiently while I did her hair and built a tower.  She was very proud of it! She clapped! 🙂

Until it fell over. LOL

But no worries. She was immediately distracted by the tiny spider on the table. 🙂

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4 Responses to Doing Hair and Building Towers

  1. zoya7 says:

    Beautiful! She looks so cute!

  2. De says:

    Why is it practice to shave heads after coming home?

    • Joy says:

      supposedly makes hair grow back thicker and stronger and healthier. i met a couple while i was there who did this to their 3 yr old twins and the girls hair is now MUCH longer than coco’s

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