House Calls

Now this is a really great service! After my doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago, my doctor told me I had to get some blood work done. She handed me the list and the number of the lab and then added that since I had to fast for 12 hours prior that it might be nicer if I utilized their home service. What? Yup, she told me the lab can come to you so you can have your blood drawn in the privacy of your own home! I called the lab and after they agreed to send their most experienced technician and round up the tiniest butterfly needles in the office I went ahead chose that option. So civilized. No cold, sterile environments (well, you want sterile of course – I checked to be sure the needles were wrapped!) but it was nice to have hippo there to prop my arm up, for example. She did the job quickly and painlessly and it was still nice to be able to lie down on my own sofa to rest after she left with my three vials of blood.

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