Man, I love my tennis lessons. Well, maybe love isn’t the right word. They wear me out! When I get off the court I am drenched and exhausted after an hour in 90-degree heat and humidity but my instructor is awesome. He has improved my ‘game’ so much. I say ‘game’ cause there’s no game going on yet– I still don’t even know the rules (love? all? match set? no clue!!) But after 8 lessons I am amazed at how much my backhand and serve have improved. Before these private lessons I couldn’t do either of those at all! I have also made improvements to my forehand. Muscle memory is a good thing when you were taught correctly from the beginning but I have had to unlearn so many bad habits. But the best part? A one hour lesson with a ball boy is only $10. YES!! $10.00!!!

The convenience aspect is great, too. The courts are a mere five-minute walk from my building. When I get home I grab some freshly cracked coconut water from the fridge. Full of electrolytes, it’s great for my recovery.. if I can drink a full glass. See that little hand sneaking in? Someone else loves fresh coconut water, too!


I complain a lot about living here. It’s not easy; there’s crime and pollution and traffic. I still lack balance that I so crave and I’m too far from family and friends, but I have a great opportunity here to get good at tennis and that makes me really, really happy.

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