The Story of Hair

You know you are settled into your new home when you find someone who can do your hair. At least that’s how it is for Black women.

When I first moved here my hair had blondish highlights. It was in pretty good condition and I liked the look. You can see it here in this photo.

But then it started growing out so I went to a place someone recommended to get a recolored but they didn’t know how to do that so I went with a lightish brown all over color. They insisted on blowing it out and that dried it out a lot. But I conditioned the heck out of it and it was okay.

But then I went back there again to get the roots done a few months later and they f’ed it up and made it jet black. I hated it and never went back. You can see that color here.

Frustrated, I turned to coloring it myself from a box but I wasn’t happy with the color choices here but also I’m really just too darn lazy to be bothered so it was looking awful!! My yaya said my face looked young buy my hair was like an 80-year old woman. Take a look if you dare at the dry reddish hair with dark roots framed with a pile of grey. Sexy.

This past weekend I decided enough was enough! I stared at the box of color in my bathroom and decided I needed the help of a professional. This time I went to a place my colleague suggested last year and was thrilled with the result! Finally I can say I found someone here who can do my hair better than I can (and isn’t that what you pay for??). I called that morning for an afternoon appointment and not only did I luck out that they had a space but when I got there the owner of the salon was there to greet me. He is a Frenchman who moved here from San Francisco and when I met him I decided right on the spot that I wanted him to do my hair. No disrespect, but I didn’t want another Filipino to touch my hair. They just don’t get enough experience with a variety of hair textures. I wanted someone who has cut curly hair before, someone who knows how to manage dry hair, someone who has touched black hair before!! I had no idea at the time that this man was a big hair star in the US and has cut the hair of celebrities! Score!!!

Philippe was amazing. He did a consultation with me, told me the problems with my current cut and color and told me though it was dry it was still strong and not in too bad condition. Then he mixed up a great color and hooked me up with a great cut. I am so happy! My day of beauty wasn’t cheap (hair color, hair cut, foot massage, mani/pedi and eyebrow threading for $165 –well not cheap for here!) but it was soooo worth it!  Thanks Philippe’s!! I will be back!

Here I am right before I left for the salon. Looks like a weave. Ugh.

And when I got home.Yay! I’m not hideous anymore!!!

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9 Responses to The Story of Hair

  1. Deidra says:

    It looks great! I love it!

  2. pierre leavell says:

    Didn’t recognize you for a minute…thought it was some famous model I know…glad it turned out to be you! Looks great Joy!

  3. zoya7 says:

    Wow, it really turned out great! You are beautiful and now you also have gourgeous hair. 🙂 Great job, Philippe!

  4. Jennifer says:

    You look great! I am trying a new hair place tonight because I can’t keep driving back to the place in Annapolis. I have some serious gray showing at the moment. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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