Pumpkin Patch – Oppan Manila Style

Am I the only one who had no idea who Rapper Psy was until like last week? The kids here are crazy for him over here and that song (and all over the world apparently since his You Tube video has gone viral)!  It cracks me up. So, hence Pumpkin Patch Gangnum Manila Style!

Like Rapper Psy this was no ordinary pumpkin patch. In fact, it wasn’t a pumpkin patch at all but rather a bunch of pumpkins strewn about in someone’s front yard. It was a fundraiser for the local Girl Scout troop and they made it really cute and practically authentic with all of the pumpkins of assorted shapes and sizes for sale. They also had some baked goods, popcorn, juice and bottled water and they offered face painting and tattoos. The yard was decorated with straw scarecrows, spider webs and bats and there were crates of bumpy gourds in orange, green and yellow. It was blazing hot–like 100 in the shade hot (at least that’s how it felt!)– but it was cute and fun for the kiddos.



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