Ethiopian Friendships Made in Manila

So that cute little playmate of Coco’s you saw on yesterday’s post who could be her twin? Believe it or not she is also Ethiopian and also 4 and also adopted by a single mom who is also American and they just moved here from the US! I know, crazy, right? So unbelievable and we feel soooo fortunate!

T and S moved here about 2 months ago but we have been corresponding for about four months since being introduced by someone on Facebook. Funniest part? The woman who introduced us I have never met! She is friends with them and knew they were moving to Manila so she put us in touch and, well, as they say the rest is history.

We had been planning on getting together for the past few weekends but something kept coming up. This past Saturday we finally met and went to the Pumpkin Patch together. The mom and I really hit it off. She and I are very like-minded. I can see us becoming good friends. The girls had a lot of fun, too. Coco is wild and crazy and loud and stubborn and S is quiet and poised and soft-spoken and reserved but they had a ball together. I still can’t believe how lucky we are to have them here with us in Manila! Yeah, they live 40 minutes away but I still hope to get together at least once a month. Welcome to Manila T and S!


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One Response to Ethiopian Friendships Made in Manila

  1. Sen says:

    That is so nice. I bet she’s happy to have someone to show her the ropes. It helps a lot; even when moving in the States. I thought the little girls was Coco’s other friend; so I’m glad she has two friends that look like her. Your network is expanding! 🙂

    Make it a Great week!

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