Foods I Miss

Another terrible restaurant meal. I swear, it’s rare to get a good meal here. It is so frustrating! I tell my yaya she should open a restaurant because her cooking is so much better. I really don’t know why I even go out to eat but I wanted to spend some 1:1 time with Coco. I am really missing her right now but at the same time I really need some space. Hard to explain but just that there aren’t enough hours in the day to spend time with her and to be alone. So I took her out to dinner and ended up eating some gross processed things–I am sure the french fries were not made from scratch and the sauce on my burger probably was bottled and simply poured on. I swear I could make a mint if I opened a restaurant here using all natural ingredients and fresh, local and organic items because if there is such a place here I have yet to find it!  Big sigh. I mean it was very nice to spend time with Coco but all it made me do was think about all the foods I miss from the US. Here’s my current running list of things I wish I could buy here at the neighborhood grocery but instead have to have them shipped from abroad or simply do without:

* meats without nitrates or food coloring
* kale
* pumpkin
* hearty bread (when I’m eating it) –all the bread here is white! Ew.
* cherries, celery, peaches, nectarines, blueberries (too expensive here!!)
* Greek yogurt (again, waaay too expensive to purchase!)
* sweet potatoes/yams
* chips without MSG, food coloring or iodized salt
* fresh apple cider
* granolas and trail mix
* sausage
*  fresh mozzarella

You can find many things but they are often extremely overpriced. Imported ice cream is close to about $10.00 a pint! I am proud to say I haven’t bought it once (though I have paid a ton for some Haas avocados)!


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