Halloween Party

Our neighborhood organized a Halloween party for the kids last weekend and Coco and I went. She put on her Batgirl costume again and was thrilled to wear the cool mask I bought her. The party was quite the event! They had piñatas, glitter tattoos, games, crafts, live music, a fashion show, popcorn, ice cream, cookies, pizza, tons and tons and tons of candy! Coco had a ball and scarfed down 4 cookies and 3 pieces of candy and was begging for more but I had to cut her off. To begin with it was 10:00 in the morning and it was 4 cookies and 3 pieces of candy! She had already consumed some that made me cringe so I reminded her of what I had said the night before. I asked her to tell me what we had discussed and she remembered: “I can’t eat the yellow or the red ones.” “Right,” I told her, “but you can have some more of the chocolate or cookies tomorrow or maybe even later tonight.” I think it might be slowly starting to sink in that certain foods are off limits and for me the big no-nos are yellow and red dyes (and or course that means blue and orange and purple and green but I’m starting slow). I remember as a child I was told of the dangers of red dye but no one stopped me from eating it. I just hope with the conversations about the dangers of chemicals and dyes and how they are not real food (along with me modeling eating healthy foods) Coco will understand why she should steer clear of them. And before you think I am a big candy-hating Halloween Grinch know that I do allow sweets from time to time. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate is allowed and I bake cookies and make popsicles and other treats with honey or maple syrup which she eats frequently. I’m just not down with the processed, refined white sugar-laden, brightly colored treats that are routinely given to kids. Why do people think this is okay? Okay off my rant and onto the party. 🙂

Checking out the mask:

Waiting in line for the piñata (and the giant bucket they supplied to fill to the brim with assorted candies!!) and post piñata checking out her loot:

        And more party scenes:
Getting a tattoo (a glittery blue butterfly):

Arts and crafts (making a bookmark):

“Remember, Momma, when I dropped my crumb on the ground but then I found it and ate it? That was so silly, right?” Yes, little one I remember. Glad you had fun!

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