Coco Beach – Getting There

Coco has been talking about going to Coco Beach for months and I have been looking forward to it for a long time as well. Work has been crazy stressful and I knew some fresh air and sunshine were exactly what I needed. There is something about this place that revitalizes, renews, refreshes and relaxes and I swear by the time I leave my blood pressure is down, I am more patient, happier, kinder and I look and feel ten years younger.

The day finally arrived and we were up at the crack of dawn. I hired a driver to drive my car down there (and back and then pick us up five days later) so we wouldn’t have to take the resort’s van transportation. Their drivers speed like crazy. I don’t enjoy going 90 miles per hour down a highway without seatbelts or carseats where a random goat can dart out at any time. It was a great decision but it meant we were being picked up at 5am (to make it to the port by 8am). I woke Coco up at 4:45 and she was groggy and annoyed for 3.2 seconds until I told her today was the day we were going to Coco beach and miraculously she woke up and excitedly put on her clothes. Hahaha

Three hours later we were at the port waiting for the boat and the other passengers to arrive. Turns out they were quite late (maybe they asked the driver to slow down! lol) so we had a couple of hours to kill. We chatted with the locals, looked at animals and walked around in the 90-degree heat. It didn’t matter. Yeah, I was sweating and tired but oh, man, the view. Seeing this made everything alright: I knew I had fives days of paradise ahead.

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