October Failure

I hate to call myself a failure but I was supposed to be doing the October Unprocessed challenge and then I go and eat the worst this month than I have all year. What was that about?! Crazytown! So now it’s November 2nd and I decide to be on board. All late but I’m ready now. I don’t think a vacation was the best time to plan to do that – especially where we went. If we had been at a vegan yoga retreat somewhere, well then maybe but that’s not where we were. More on vacation in a different post but let’s just say I didn’t limit myself at all. Four slices of freshly baked white bread at breakfast? Sure. Chocolate ice cream for dessert? Why not. French fries and fruit shakes and vodka tonics? Bring ’em on! Aah, whateva. It’s done, I had a nice time and now I am back on track. In fact, I plan to stay focused from now until Christmas vacation. How many days is that? Let me see.. well it’s six weeks exactly. Nov. 2-Dec. 14th. Just six weeks. Doable, right?! Here’s my simple plan:

  1. up my fruit, veggie and water intake dramatically
  2. eliminate white sugars, flours, caffeine and processed foods as much as possible
  3. take vitamins and probiotics, work out more and get more sleep

That’s it. Nothing fancy. In a nutshell, just treat my body better.

To further motivate myself I went and had the free body fat analysis offered at the gym. I can’t say I was surprised to hear that I have too much body fat and am considered “overweight”. I was pleased, though, that my fat is mainly subcutaneous (stored beneath the skin) vs. visceral which is the fat that surrounds your organs. The trainer who measured my body fat seemed a little baffled by my numbers, frankly. I bet he doesn’t get many any clients with so much fat on their butt and thighs. That is one area where most Filipinos do not have a problem! Ha! I am going to hire a trainer for a few sessions (6 probably) so I can get my measurements done and have him remind me how to hold a dumbbell (it’s been a while! :)) I just need to get myself back into working out more regularly. Tennis is great but it’s too infrequent. I need to move my body a lot more!

So, here we go AGAIN. I am sick of it myself –this constant conversation of what I plan to do and then not sticking to it. But I read somewhere that every time you restart something you are one step closer to having it stick. In other words, if I never restart I am guaranteed to fail but if I do perhaps this is the time I will find success. No matter the outcome, trying is at least better than doing absolutely nothing. Keep ya posted. 🙂

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2 Responses to October Failure

  1. Don’t think of it as failure, think of it as a diversion. It’s only failure if you don’t have the right intentions and don’t attempt to make things better for yourself. All the best 🙂

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