Resolutions Update – October

Short Term Goals:

1. Sign Coco up for ballet lessons Done! :)

2. Sign myself up for tennis lessons Done! 🙂

3. Put $1000 in emergency fund – Done! :)

4. Pay off Amex Done! :)

5. Pay my Mom back  – Done! :)

6. Create some weekly family rituals – Done! :)

7.Create 3 photo books of important events Done! :)

8. Lose 10 pounds  Done! :) but then I gained some back! :(

9. Back up all photos in two or more places – backed up thru March 2012 on a hard drive and tried to back up more but failed. Need to teach myself Google Cloud.

10. Read camera manual  Done! :)

11. Make Coco’s lifebook

12. Pay Visa $10,000   Done! 🙂

13. Complete a 30-Day Paleo Challenge Done!  ..well close enough with the 21 day challenge 🙂

14. Take Coco to (Hong Kong) Disneyland – Done! :) (though it was Orlando)

15. Teach Coco how to spell and write her name, count to 20 orally and count to 10 with 1:1 correspondence – She can count to 20 most days! Yay! 🙂 She still can’t spell her name consistently. She does do 1:1 correspondence but I don’t know if it’s to 10.


Year-Long Goals:

1. Reduce sugar, flour, caffeine, and processed foods – doing great! 🙂

2. Make working out a habit (yoga, tapes, tennis and/or kettlebells) –better now that I take tennis but can not claim it’s a habit.

3. Be asleep by 10 pm – much better!! 🙂

4. Post a photo for every day of 2012 at and 2x week or more on Joy and Coconut – stopped photo blog, ok with this blog

5. Eat some form of coconut or ACV daily – great! 🙂

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