Coco Beach – Day 1

After the 45 minute boat ride, which thankfully wasn’t choppy despite the recent storms, we arrived at our destination. I love, love, love this place – I can’t say it enough. The people here are so warm and friendly, the landscaping is gorgeous and they have a fantastic pool! I wish I had had my camera on when we walked up that morning but I was too busy just taking it all in. You see, as you walk up on the property they serenade you with the warmest welcoming song that they sing while they drape a shell necklace around your shoulders. The staff is always full of warm smiles and this time especially so since they know us so well. They treat us like old friends or members of their own families. 🙂

After my welcoming drink (fresh coconut water – how apropos!) we settled in and changed right into our swim suits. I loved seeing the place spruced up for Halloween. Look at these pumpkins. Wait, those aren’t pumpkins! They’re coconuts!! How clever is that?!

After a full day in the pool we had dinner and got ready for bed. It was a great first day!

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