We spent Halloween at Coco Beach. Halloween is celebrated here Nov. 1 and 2 but at the beach they started on October 31st. It started out with a spooktacular Halloween breakfast.

Then there were activities planned for the kids such as pin the nose on the jack ‘o lantern (They made the youngest go first and she wasn’t sure what she needed to do 🙂 .)
There was also a piñata and they played Pabatin. Pabatin is a game where toys and treats are tied to a large wooden rack and it’s raised and lowered as kids jump and try to grab as many things that they can. Coco was thrilled to grab a pink Barbie cell phone! She immediately called Hippo to see if he was okay at home. 🙂 Here are some pictures of Coco posing with her “best friend” that she met at the beach. S was staying right next door to us and they played many days at the pool. They had fun hanging out at the party together.  

The place had awesome Halloween decorations everywhere to add to the fun.    Then my little sweetie decided she was going to pick some flowers for me and brought me these. Although she’s been told on numerous occasions to leave flowers for all to enjoy, the resort was overflowing with gorgeous blooms at every turn (and I found the thought so endearing) that I didn’t discourage her. Here are the beautiful flowers I received: (She usually insists that they are worn in your hair :))

Then there was more pool fun, a 2-hour massage and drinks for Momma, dinner for us all and an exhausted Coco was carried off to bed by her yaya. Usually I sleep so well here but this trip I did not. I don’t know if it was due to having the yaya share our room (too cheap to get her her own) or because the evening weather was either too hot or too chilly –yes we had both!– or just because I have so much on my mind. But even with poor sleep I felt more relaxed and well-rested than I have in months. A few more photos for you..

     (I ran into one of my colleagues from work there who took that ^^^ fantastic shot!)

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