Sunday Breakfast

More Coco Beach photos coming up but in the meantime I am taking a short break in vacation photos to share some pics from breakfast this morning.

Coco woke up super eaaaaarrrllly this morning- like 5:30am early -so that became my wake up time, too. 😦 I was not happy because I fell asleep with her last night at 6:30 (because she insists I lay down with her :() and slept til 8:30 and then I couldn’t fall back to sleep until 3:30 this morning (too much on my mind) so clearly getting up at 5:30 was not my choice! Sigh. But anyways I did. The sun started streaming in my bedroom around 6 and there was nothing I could do to convince Coco to go back to sleep. I knew the plan to make pumpkin pancakes this morning was not going to happen with my eyes stinging and my complete lack of energy so instead we went out to breakfast. Ok, long back story!

Coco wanted to wear her fancy Christmas dress from last year to breakfast. I almost relented but when she tried it on and I saw it still fit I decided it would be perfect to pack for Christmas again this year and coating it in maple syrup would be a bad idea so she chose her yellow butterfly dress instead. She insisted, however, on wearing her mask and cape with it. lol Sure, why not?The restaurant, Apartment 1B, is walking distance from our house and unbelievably it opens at 7am on the weekends! That is unheard of in Manila. Most stores, even the malls and grocery stores, don’t open until 10am! That was the first nice thing about Apartment 1B. When we sat down I checked out the menu and was pleased to see all our familiar brunch dishes from the US: waffles, pancakes, omelettes, eggs Benedict, etc. and when I inquired if they used real maple syrup, real butter and if the juice was fresh-squeezed, they told me ‘yes’! Score!! You can not believe how hard it is to find those things here that I took for granted living in the States. Real syrup? Rare. Butter? No, they prefer margarine here. And fresh squeezed oj?! Never. Then they served us and the portions weren’t miniscule! Usually here the American branches of restaurants serve the same food for similar prices but the portions are half or 1/3 the size. I was pleased to see they were as huge and ridiculous as I am used to in the States. No, I don’t really need enormous portions of food but if you are going to pay the price I expect to get my money’s worth! Finally, I must say that the food was also really good. I think we have found our new favorite breakfast spot. 🙂

  After a very large and filling breakfast (pancakes for Coco, waffles for me, we shared scrambled eggs with cheddar and bacon and I had coffee and she had OJ– of which we greedily gobbled up every single morsel!!) we headed home. We took a short cut and ended up in the playground of a neighboring building. They had a cool play structure and Coco wanted to play so we spent 30-45 minutes there. I learned today that she knows how to pump on the swings! I had no idea. Sigh, she is growing up so fast! In typical Coco style she made fast friends with another little girl and you can see her deep in conversation telling her what she knows about insects! lol.

So glad we discovered this spot! I told Coco maybe we could do this every Sunday as a special Mommy/daughter bonding breakfast ritual. She said the food was ‘so good’ so she’s down with the plan. I know I am supposed to be eating healthier so maybe Sunday will be my cheat day (or maybe I can stick to the eggs and coffee). Considering she told me on the playground that my stomach is getting bigger I definitely need to lay off the waffles! 🙂

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