It’s called Coco Beach for a reason! There are tall, mature coconut trees everywhere and we took advantage and drank fresh coconut water every morning for breakfast. I ♥♥ coconut!!!


One morning I was walking down the path and noticed two guys working together to get cut some coconuts out the trees. One man was on the ground and I glanced up and saw there was another guy at the top of the coconut tree with a giant machete in his hands. I stopped to see how they were going to get them down. I assumed the rope was there to hold the one man securely in the tree while he hacked away at the branches til the coconuts fell to the ground one by one. (I was a little concerned about that, frankly, and watched from a safe distance. Didn’t want to get hit by a falling coconut!) Well, how wrong was I! The rope was for the coconuts. They somehow tied it around an entire bunch of coconuts and the guy in the tree was up there without any kind of harness or safety equipment at all! They carefully guided the bunch of coconuts out of the tree so they touched the ground gently (about 15 at once) and then the man in the tree skillfully and courageously shimmied down the tree completely unassisted in about 10 seconds!


Coconuts have amazing medicinal, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and taste so good. I use coconut oil almost exclusively in my cooking (it’s one of the best for high heat) and I put it on my skin and hair. Who else coocoo for coconuts like me?

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